Free shipping, returns and exchanges on ALL orders!

Returns & Exchanges

At GenTeal we would like you to be entirely satisfied with your order.  

We have endeavored to make our 2-step return process as easy as possible. 
  1. Download and complete our return form and include it in the box with your return.
  2.  You will then create a prepaid shipping label. To do this you will need the PO # (including the "#") and the Fulfillment # that can be found in the box at the top right of your Fulfillment Slip.  Please enter the four digit PO # with the "#", a "-" and then the Fulfillment #.  For example, if your PO # is #5536 and your Fulfillment # is 6955, you would enter #5536-6955.  Click here to generate your return label.  

Please email with any questions.  Once we have received your item, please allow us 1-3 business days for processing.

Thank you for your business!